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The condo market in very different then the single family home arena. When buying a condo, you must be aware of all the potential caveats that are common when dealing with condos. For example, each condo building has unique rules and by-laws. There are many restrictions you should be aware of prior to writing a contract to purchase.
Call the Atlanta Condo King, if you want to save a considerable amount of time and money when purchasing a condo. My experience in the condo market is second to none. – Jason Lapene

Condo marketing strategy

Condo Market Analysis

I will review all the recent like sold comparables plus other market conditions to get an approximate range of value for your unit.

Condo Preparation

Your unit must be in top showing condition to yield the highest possible offers. I will give you tips and pointers on how to maximize this opportunity.

Marketing Your Condo

We are the #1 resource for condos in Atlanta. This site get thousands of website visitors a month, and your unit will be in front of all of them.

Jason Lapene

Jason graduated with a BBA in real estate from Georgia State University. This education allows Jason to advise his clients on a wide variety of topics that affect the real estate transaction that most agents are not keen to.

With over 15 years of experience, Jason has a strong understanding of contractual law and can protect his clients with one of the most important financial decisions of their lifetime.

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“Seriously the most knowledgeable and experienced real estate agent I’ve ever met. I fully trust him. He’s highly organized and very sharp with the contracts. If you’re going to sell a house or buy one, you have to get him. Once you work with Jason, you’ll never even think about working with any other realtor, ever.” – Temple Callahan


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